Choosing the Right Mattress, Pillow and Sleep Position

We spend six, seven, eight hours per night asleep so it is no surprise that I am often asked for advice on mattress selection. Unfortunately, there is no one solution that works for everyone as we all come in different weights, shapes and sizes. But here are a few pointers that may help you make the right choice for you.

Which is better, a hard or a soft mattress?

The simple answer to this is a supportive mattress. A 15 stone person will not get the same support from a mattress as an 8 stone person sleeping on the same mattress.

Your preferred sleeping position may also have an impact on mattress choice. If you are a side sleeper, have broad shoulders or broad hips you may wish to try a slightly softer mattress to allow your shoulders and hips
to sink into it a little, providing extra support. Back sleepers or those with body shapes with little difference in hip and shoulder width may wish to try a firmer mattress to get the same level of support.

You can check to make sure you have the right level of support from your mattress and pillow by asking someone to look at your sleeping posture while you are lying on your side in bed. If everything is correct, your spine should be parallel to the mattress – your spine should not sag (too soft) or bow (too hard).

The correct pillow?

Finding the correct pillow height/size for you is the most important thing when it comes to pillow choice. Feather pillows, memory foam pillows, latex core pillows… this is much more down to personal choice; as long as you have the correct height pillow for you then your spine should be happy.

You can check this by, again, observing your sleeping posture.

For side sleepers, when you are lying on your side your neck should be a continuation of a straight spine – not too high or too low. If you are a back sleeper then to assess if your pillow height is correct, ask someone to observe your sleep posture when you are lying down. If your chin is resting on or near your chest you may wish to try reducing the pillow height, or if your chin is pointing straight to the ceiling you may wish try
increase the pillow height a little.

Sleeping on your front should be avoided!

Finally, you can try adding a foam or latex topper on top of your normal mattress for some additional support and comfort.

If you experience pain in bed, or often wake up in pain, or have any further questions then please feel free to get in touch! Good Luck & Sweet Dreams!

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